Services include individual & group therapy and ACT Workshops.


Therapy for the therapist:

Therapy services include specialized counselling for the helping professional.

Workshops are offered in several different formats:

  • ACT on Workplace Stress

  • Workplace Engagement & Greater Productivity

  • Intro to ACT for Clinicians

  • Therapy for the Therapist - Specialized Counselling for the Helping Professional

  • ACT for Teens & Parents

  • ACT on Weight Loss

  • ACT on Retirement

Next Scheduled Workshops: 

  • Intro to ACT for Clinicians - Sept. 29 & 30, 2017 - Halifax. 

  • Intro to ACT for Clinicians - May 3 & 4, 2018 - Halifax. See poster.

  • Intro to ACT for Clinicians - May 24 & 25, 2018 - Edmonton. See poster.

  • Intro to ACT for Clinicians - September 27-29, 2018 - Halifax. See poster.

  • Music & Movies - ACT for Teens & Parents - October 26, 2018 - Victoria.

                                                          PLEASE CONTACT IF INTERESTED.


Innovative Approach.  Common responses to stress are often unworkable and costly, not only to organizations, but also to individuals, their families, and the wider community. Many individuals have tried to deal with stress by attending seminars, reading self-help books, and seeking counselling - and have found little improvement. These workshops take a different approach to stress and anxiety. We explore innovative strategies including:
  • New ways to handle unhelpful thoughts and avoidant behaviors such as procrastination.
  • An effective and compassionate approach to feelings of frustration.
  • How to make daily decisions that bring greater vitality and productivity at home, in the workplace and beyond.

Participants are taught skills to develop psychological flexibility, which enables them to better handle change and demands at home and at work. Workshops include experiential exercises such as engaging the present moment, exploring values, small group discussion, and developing personal action plans. Key concepts are taught through multiple methods including PPT slides, video clips, group discussion, and experiential exercises. All workshops align with best practice health promotion initiatives. See the Canadian Federal Government Best Practices Portal:

  • ACT on Workplace Stress - workshops for organizations are planned in consultation with managers but are generally offered in one and a half days, or three 3 hour sessions, and are designed using a full ACT protocol. 
  • ACT on Stress (ACT Basics) - a chance for human service professionals to learn ACT while experiencing the methods and benefits firsthand.
  • Intro to ACT for Clinicians - designed to meet learning needs of professionals in human services including mental health, education, or healthcare who want to learn ACT methods to apply to their own practice.
If you are interested in a workshop for your organization, or in your city, please contact for further discussion.