Feedback from people.


"Caroline's ability to facilitate a group is outstanding. She was meticulously prepared, knew the material inside out, and effortlessly moved between didactic and experiential components of the ACT training that I participated in. The material is easy to absorb and apply to your personal and work life. I thought so highly of her work that I applied for and received a grant to hire her to offer her ACT on Workplace Stress workshop for my colleagues. The evaluations from that workshop were glowing across the board. Caroline's skills as a clinician and teacher are evident to all who come into contact with her."

- Erin Montgomery, B.Mus, MTA, FAMI, Palliative Care Integrated Service, CDHA - Halifax


"I attended Caroline Martin’s workshop Intro to ACT for Clinicians and found it to be most useful to my current practice with youth. This modality seems to fit very well with my style as a social worker and seems particularly relevant to apply to presenting problems such as anxiety and depression. I found Caroline’s organization and structure of the two day workshop to be well thought out, using lots of helpful handouts and examples from her own practice. Her presentation of the material was interesting and left me wanting more by the end of Day Two. She was open to sharing loads of resources and allowed ample opportunity to ask questions and elaborate on the discussion. I left the workshop with lots of tools and handouts to further my research in this area. This was the most interesting and useful workshop I’ve attended in years! I would, without hesitation, highly recommend this training to other professionals who have an interest in learning more about ACT. Attending this workshop has inspired me to learn more about ACT so that I can use it routinely in my own practice."

- Elaine Aucoin, MSW, IWK Health Centre - Halifax


"I was very much looking forward to participating in the two day ACT workshop and it exceeded my expectations. The material was very well presented, examples were relevant and applicable to a wide range of client groups, and I really feel I came out of the workshop with tools I can use immediately. Caroline is very genuine and her approach is very effective. I really appreciate how she's willing to share additional materials and resources - these are invaluable. I would definitely recommend to anyone who is in a helping profession to take part in the workshop - and already have!"

- Lori Dithurbide, PhD, Mental Performance Consultant, Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic


"I found the Intro to ACT for Clinicians workshop very helpful both professionally and personally. Caroline has a wonderful way of presenting concepts in a thorough yet easy to absorb manner. This is the first workshop I've attended where I feel prepared to apply the material in my practice. Caroline incorporated a good balance of presenting information as well as interaction through discussion, exercises and role play. I have an increased interest in pursuing further ACT training after attending this workshop. I strongly encourage anyone who is interested in learning about ACT to attend a workshop with Caroline."

- Nicole Blanshard, MSW, Schools Plus - Halifax


"The Intro to ACT for Clinicians workshop was excellent. Caroline knows her stuff. Her rich clinical experience and knowledge was very evident as well as her ability to create a great learning environment. I value how ACT is transdiagnostic in its applications and really appreciated how experiential the workshop was. I really enjoyed the use of metaphors, the mindfulness exercises, the review of protocols and the small group discussions. It proved to be very engaging, relevant to my clinical practice and I left with many tools and ideas. It was a great experience."

- Karen Shea, MSW, Private Practice - Halifax 


"I absolutely loved Caroline's Intro to ACT for Clinicians workshop. The organization of the material, along with the handouts and presentation, were excellent. The workshop not only covered the basic elements of ACT, but also gave me the actual practical tools and examples that I can use with clients, as a clinician. I left feeling confident in applying basic elements of ACT with myself and with my clients. Caroline sparked a great interest in learning more about ACT and gave me a hunger to pursue further training."

- Jason Jones, M.Ed, CCC, RCT, Atlantic Wellness Centre - Moncton, NB


"I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, ACT on Stress & Anxiety with Caroline Martin. I had only limited familiarity with ACT prior to the workshop, and it gave me just the right amount of information and practice activities to be able to apply the material to my life. Caroline did a wonderful job conveying the most relevant aspects of ACT, while making the participants feel at ease with her warmth and sense of humour. I especially appreciated her incorporation of several different modalities of learning, including small group discussions, mindfulness meditations, video clips and written exercises. Since the workshop, I have continued to practice some of the mindfulness exercises that were taught, which are really beneficial while living the hectic life of a doctoral student! I also appreciated the chance to engage in an in-depth analysis of my values, and I now remind myself of these quite often. I would recommend this workshop without hesitation, and I am really looking forward to taking the workshop geared towards clinicians."

- Susan Fawcett, RSLP (Speech Language Pathologist), Down Syndrome Research Foundation - Vancouver, BC


"The tools I learned in the ACT Workshop were immediately applicable. I found the work around values helped me prioritize my energy and attention. It was quite easy to practice the skills and apply to everyday life. Since this straightforward workshop, I intentionally assess whether a situation is within my control and which actions I can take, that will be in accordance of my values. I know covering such a vast topic in one day is a challenge, but Caroline delivered. She covered a great deal, and provided many helpful tools. I am grateful to have attended her workshop, and will attend more in the future."

- Jennifer Stinson, MSW, Private Practice - Edmonton, AB


"When I signed up for the ACT workshop, I wondered what new tools could I possibly get relating to this topic. I must say, it exceeded my expectations. Caroline as a facilitator, has a vast experience working with a diverse clientele. She has developed material to address the needs of everyone, from parents, to a professional like me working with clients stuggling with stress and anxiety disorders. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested in expanding their awareness and knowledge and in becoming gainfully equipped with new tools."

- Gurmeet Kang, Sources Community Resource Centre - Vancouver, BC


"The material in the workshop was very relevant. It provided me with tools and a structure that I can use immediately. I loved the mixed presentation with activities, videos, and small groups. This is a framework that can move me to action. I have shared this approach with my family in dealing with stressors and challenges and it's proving useful. My daughters are able to look at what they do without judgment and understand the values behind it. It’s about teaching them the importance of congruence. I would love to attend another workshop with Caroline again in the future.”

-  Wendy Roberts, MSW, QEII Health Sciences Centre - Halifax


"The Workplace Stress workshop was excellent. There was lots of creativity in the presentation and materials. I took very few notes because I felt I didn't need to. Caroline was a great facilitator, very knowledgeable about the content and helpful in fostering group learning. It was a refreshing way to pull together many things I try to integrate into all aspects of my life. I learned lots of new ways to think about how I live and work.”

-  Monica Flinn, RN, Palliative Care Integrated Service, CDHA - Halifax


"I found this workshop very effective. It was very beneficial both personally and professionally. I have learned ways to deal with stress that I feel I can be successful at with practice. I really enjoyed the small group work and sharing. It was a comfortable and respectful atmosphere. Caroline was a great facilitator. I would recommend this workshop to anyone wanting to learn skills to handle stress.”

- Sue Roberts, RN, Breast Health Clinic, IWK Health Centre - Halifax


"The Intro to ACT workshop was very well organized. Great facilitator! I loved how engaging Caroline's presentation was. I really enjoyed the examples from her clinical work, the mindfulness we practiced as a group, and the humor used to review key concepts. I feel inspired to definitely seek out more training in ACT."

- Katie Simms, MSW, Nova Scotia Health Authority - Halifax